Some Things To Know Before Visiting The Land Of Smiles

Thailand is a dream come true for most of the people who like the exotic tropical region. It is colorful, rich with nature and culture and has loads of fun things to do when finally reaching the destination. The Land of the Smiles, as it is known has a very welcoming and pleasant society you can mingle in while you go sightseeing. So here are some tips for you know beforehand for your visit to the tropics.
● Eat mangoes
Mangoes of Thailand are famous for its color, texture, flavor and cheap price all of which rank in the higher end of the scale of good food. Eat as many as you can on your visit as it will be once in a lifetime chance as you will not find mangoes that fresh and yummy back in western countries.
● Visiting temples or palaces
When you going to sightsee one or many of the golden temples or palaces of Thailand, be sure to cover up to your knees and elbows when going inside as it is considered highly insulting if you are going almost bare. These places are highly respected by the locals and this respect is expected from foreigners as well. ● Public transport is best
If you want to get the real Asian experience trying out local transport is the best way to get it. There are Light Rails and Subways which are considerably cheaper than a tax and even though you can compare car rental in Melbourne if you want to get away for a while, public transport is easy to use and have maps you can plan your route on. There are day and weekly passes you can use and the vehicles are kept clean.
● Five star hotels
Some of the best cheap deals in the world for five star hotels are at Thailand. So if you want the experience of view, service and food altogether grab one of the promotions that go around online for a weekly visit to Thailand to make best of your vacation. Some of the deals go as cheap as $100 a night.
● Taxi service
You can use a tuk tuk as a taxi or even a regular car. Tuk tuk is an experience you must have during the day. So make your day journeys using those. When you compare car hire usually they go for a lot more higher prices than the tuk tuk but they are safer for using at nights. You should probably ask your taxi to come back at a fixed time for added security of having a ride back to the hotel as usually you will be fighting drunken people (local and not-so-local) for a taxi at night on the street.
Thailand is a country full of lush beauty and stocked with a culture that dates back centuries. It is also one of the top destinations to get the best of your vacation from work.