Planning The Perfect Bachelorette

Set up a date

The first thing to do, of course, is to set up a date. If the bride-to-be is aware of your planning, then the best course of action would be to consult with her first. Ideally, a bachelorette is organizes eight or six weeks prior to the wedding. To have the bachelorette too much in advance would not be as exciting and to have it too close to the wedding would also not be a great idea as the bride will be too stressed with many other concerns in her mind. Hence, it is always a good idea to check with her and have her agree on a date. 

However, if you want to arrange the event as a surprise for the bride, then the work gets complicated. The best way to fix a date in this case would be to consult with her wedding planner or bridesmaids or the parents in secret.

Make a list of invitees

Those whom you invite will have a significant bearing on the success of the bachelorette. This is a ideally a small, cozy gathering of people who are closest to the bride. For an example, you can consider inviting those who are closest to the bride at her work place, family and her closest ring of friends. It is always advisable to consult her family/ other friends before you finalize the list of invitees.

Set a theme

A theme can definitely add more fun to the bachelorette. You can opt for any theme such as ‘back to school’, ‘black and bling’, ‘fairytales’ or even a ‘masquerade’. Some people even opt for themes based on colours or novels. You have the discretion to decide. However, it is necessary to be mindful of the audience as well. For an example, the great-grandmother of the bride may not be very happy with a stripper idea.

Be creative while you are at it

Of course, you do not have to stick to the age old tradition of hosting the bachelorette at someone’s house. You have the discretion to be as crazy as you like – provided of course that you do take into account those who intend to attend. For an example, hire a hen’s party bus in Sydney and go around the city, celebrating in style.

Using party buses is the latest trend when it comes to bachelorettes as it can give you an entirely exclusive experience – one that you do not get to live very often.

Presents and surprises

Shower the bride with presents and nice surprises. Be it something entirely sentimental (for an example, a collection of pictures depicting the life of the bride), or something very naughty (not giving examples here!), no gifts are bad! However, you might want to be sensitive to the guests around you!