Know about the Duties of a Private Chauffeur


The basic role and responsibility of a private chauffeur in Melbourne is to carry the passengers and employer from and to the destinations in an efficient, safe and comfortable manner. Meeting those purposes involves further attention, knowledge, tasks and responsibilities to detail. Private chauffeurs may job for a limousine company, hired straight by individuals or businesses, and may employ either employer’s vehicles or their own.

Travel and Logistics Details

Before any tour, chauffeur responsibilities involve navigation devices or consulting maps for intended routes, checking online or radio weather or traffic updates for exodus and target locations. Chauffeurs inform the passenger or employer of existing or potential adverse circumstances and hint other travel time or routes adjustments. Other duties of chauffeurs may include making an online study for the availability of destination hotels, en-route, restaurants, tolls, rest areas, airports. Private chauffeurs can also book flight tickets for his employer, or get the entrance and event tickets.

Vehicle Maintenance

Maintenance of the vehicle is managed by chauffeurs either straight or circuitously via third party chauffeur service companies. Private chauffeurs keep the employer’s vehicle clean and make sure that the same is instinctively sound. Employer’s vehicle should be spick and span in look and should be all set to drive with no problem always. Private Chauffeurs are accountable for inspecting exterior and interior mechanical and electrical components, engine fluids, upholding tire stress and maintaining fuel levels at enough levels.


Chauffeurs are likely to be polite and well-mannered in every non-driving and driving circumstance while on the work. Personal cleanliness with the proper and clean dress and good grooming as directed by boss are expected. Rational, calm attitude and behavior under traumatic driving circumstances are characteristics of professional chauffeurs. Personal chauffeurs are also expected to follow requests and instructions with no complaint and argument. They cannot comment, join and engage in discussions of passengers or employers without their permission.

Paperwork Duties

The employer is accountable for travel expenses and expense of vehicle as well as may give the chauffeur with cost reimbursement forms, business account numbers, credit card, or cash. The chauffeur has to obtain, keep and surrender all proceeds to the boss and make sure that expenses are official. Personal chauffeurs can also be liable for holding written trip logs having worked hours, travel time, locations, mileage, vehicle service receipts and entries.

Legal and Safety Duties

Chauffeurs are likely to have legal and safe driving experience. Chauffeurs are lawfully needed to acquire and uphold a vigorous chauffeur’s license as obligatory by law. Employers can also expect some other things in a good chauffeur like the completion of bad climate driving training, distrustful driving courses, vehicle safety training, etc. It is the responsibility and duty of a personal chauffeur to hold all the federal and state driving rules and laws.